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Beethoven “took” from the pedestal | Honeff today

Beethoven “took” from the pedestal |  Honeff today
City staff and rescuers in front of the floating Beethoven

Beethoven Free Pan – Monsterplots! The first is true today. Reason: The monument had to be refurbished, so it was removed under professional guidance and in the presence of several visitors.

According to last year’s estimate, the corrosion has spread to areas of the monument exposed to the sun, allowing dirt and water to seep in unimpeded, increasing the risk of corrosion indoors. This damage is rare or unnoticed by visitors to the monument.

The restoration of the monument is being coordinated by the Municipal Building Administration (SGB). The German Foundation for the Preservation of the Monument and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia have pledged to fund the restoration. Work is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021.

Beethoven Basic

History of the monument

The Beethoven Memorial in Munsterplots was opened on August 12, 1845 to commemorate Beethoven’s 75th birthday and during the first Beethoven Festival. The celebrations were presented by the citizens of Bonn and, in particular, by the many years of dedication of Robert Schumann and Franz List.

Ernst Julius Honel, the architect and professor at the Dresden Art Academy, adopted the design of the monument to Ludwig von Beethoven, who was already successful in Dresden and Munich at the time. His concept was rated as modern and at the same time sublime. The statue was made by sculptor and ore engineer Jacob Daniel Burgschmiet.

On August 12, 1845, the monument was unveiled in the presence of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, King Frederick Wilhelm IV, Archbishop Friedrich of Austria and Alexander von Humboldt. The statue stood on their backs as the dignitaries were given a place of honor on the balcony behind the statue. Alexander von Humboldt later said: “Yes, he’s always been a rude guy in his life”. The fun slowed the Fox bass down a bit.

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The statue was fully restored between 1963 and 1965. For this purpose, the three-ton statue was lifted from its pedestal with the aid of a truck-mounted crane and stood for about 20 months at the Carl Conic blacksmith shop in Pan, before being formally re-installed on April 28th. , 1965.

On November 6, 1987, Beethoven’s sculpture entered the list of Bonn’s monuments as an architectural monument.


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