At 13:00 (19:00 SE) local time the parking lot of Turnho was filled. The debate over the status quo may continue for several hours. The water Congressman, who acts as a lawyer, and Trump’s argument are to drink on Wednesdays. An anti-government inquiry is not possible because most of those sent in January revealed that they did not see a problem with the former president’s investigation.

Trump’s first born hj opan opinion, although he disagrees with many experts in this direction. Representatives of the former president deny that the news of Congress, which has been accused of inciting their client insurgency in January, could provoke violence. The fact of the matter is that the people who entered the Capitol did so for their own reasons and for their own reasons, the defense said in a document written by Sentu on Monday.

According to so-called charge managers, who will deliver the packaging in the coming days, there is no doubt about Trump’s guilt. However, his confidence appeared to be very low before the trial began. To admit Trump’s guilt, at least 17 Republican deputies must join the Democrats’ 50 sentences, but only five Republican deputies backed the actual process in January.

As in previous days in Congress, the AP said it would reflect my concerns about the corona virus. During this process, the Sentoi Mon should be located not only in the main meeting room, but also in public spaces in the marble piles or galleries of the rooms.

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The chapter is like a castle

Prior to the trial, the arena of the US Congress was still surrounded by a fence more than two meters high, flying within the confines of the well-known 1,000 members of the National Guard. According to Reuters, the other open heart of the US government is the castle.

In recent years, unmarried security measures have been introduced in response to the January 6 event, when a mob of Trump supporters besieged a congressional building to discuss the outcome of the presidential election. The Capitol police force, which numbered only about 2,000, could not stop the attack, and its leadership was then rife with waves of criticism. The riot killed five people and injured police officers.

Hilasovn in Sentinel pointed out that Trump’s defeat was a failure

Meanwhile, with extraordinary actions, Eva Malekiyov said at least until the sentencing process is over.

Maleki said the ministry should maintain a high level of readiness for the current security position, the impending charge and the continuing threats against Congress. He cited the January 27 Ministry of Homeland Security warning against the influx of violent extremists who were dissatisfied with the outcome of the autumn elections.

During Biden’s inauguration, fears of new violence did not materialize, and the Horsemen did not face any incidents in central Washington. If even the issues discussed do so without any problems, one can expect pressure to re-evaluate current activities, which are hard to digest.

Peter Newsham of Reuters said he had served in the Washington Police Department until January. But I don’t think we want to be like America, ”he added.

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