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The seven foods with the highest vitamin D content

4. Fortified margarine

While margarine does not naturally contain vitamin D One of the few foods that can be fortified with vitamin D in Germany. Depending on its fortification, it contains margarine Between 2.5 and 7.5 micrograms per 100 grams of food. When purchasing, look for the “contains vitamin D” label and check the vitamin D content in the nutritional information on the back of the package. Unfortunately, margarine is not a healthy source of vitamin D, as the amounts that would be needed to cover the daily requirement of vitamin D are too high to be covered by the high-fat product margarine.

5. Cheese

When it comes to cheese, it depends on the type: hard cheese Like the quality it contains on average 1.3 mcg per 100 grams of food. Unfortunately, neither soft cheese nor cream cheese contains any significant amounts of the sunshine vitamin. Similar to margarine, cheese is unfortunately very high in fat and calories, which is the reason for its limited use as a supplier of vitamin D.

6. Libertran

with all 300 mcg Cod liver oil per 100 grams is the most favored source of vitamin D. So the oil, which is obtained mainly from the liver of cod and haddock, was used in Germany until the 1960s to prevent vitamin D deficiency and rickets (softening of the bones). Because the taste is so penetrating and there is a risk of overdosing, cod liver oil is no longer in use these days.

advice: Only if your doctor diagnoses a deficiency or a lack of supply, should you consider supplementing: Because if it is used improperly, there is a risk overdose consists. In addition, a good vitamin D preparation should always contain vitamin K2, because these two vitamins have a synergistic effect, for example in building bone material. Corresponding preparations can be found here, for example capsule shape or in teardrop shape.

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7. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Alcoholics: Watch out for the inside! Because you can actually cover a portion of your daily vitamin D needs with chocolate. This does not apply to white chocolate or milk chocolate with a low cocoa content. But we still get 100 grams of dark chocolate Between 1.9 and 5.48 micrograms of vitamin D. As researchers from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg discovered in 2017,. Since cocoa contains the sunshine vitamin, the following applies: The higher the cocoa content, the better!

Avocado Myth: Unfortunately, it’s not a source of vitamin D.

On the Internet one finds the statement over and over again that avocados contain significant amounts of Vitamin D and also in the databases of many food tracking applications, Vitamin D content is given from 3 to 6 mcg per 100g of avocado. Unfortunately, this information is based on an incorrect entry in a large German food database, which has now been corrected. subordinate Federal Food Key (BLS) Now sets the vitamin D content of avocados at 0g Datenbank des US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Avocados are listed with 0 grams of vitamin D.

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