Home science This is how depression can be recognized by eye

This is how depression can be recognized by eye

This is how depression can be recognized by eye

Is it possible to recognize depression by eye?

The research team from the Max Planck Institute discovered that depression can be recognized by the eyes. In their studies, they are 46 people were depressed and 25 were healthy They are invited to a simple game. A small amount of money was offered as a reward, and it was easy to win. During the game, the participants were observed on MRI scans to measure brain activity and pupil size.

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Normally, the pupils dilate Positive incentivesLike the possibility of getting a reward. This can be seen in mentally healthy people who were on the verge of winning. In addition, there was increased activity in areas of the brain that are important for driving.

However, clear differences were found in the group of depressed subjects: the activity of neurons and the reaction of the pupils were significantly reduced. The more pronounced the symptoms of depression, the less dilated pupils. The researchers concluded that the nervous system is not activated enough in depressed people when they notice positive stimuli. This may be an explanation for driving disorders and lack of motivation for depression.

Studying, unfortunately, is not relevant to everyday life

Unfortunately, the results of the study are not relevant to everyday life. Changes in pupil size that indicate depression can only be detected in a laboratory setting. So depression cannot be recognized by the eye in daily life.

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