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Broadcasting: Saturday 14 May, at 8:15 pm and 12:50 am, Das Erste

‘ESC – Countdown for Turin’ can begin: Thomas Hermanns, Max Geisinger and Johnny Logan are the stars who are now set to show live with Barbara Schonberger. Together they will be in the mood for the grand finale of the competition from Turin. Malik Harris Will Be There Too: The German actor at this year’s ESC will be delivered straight from Turin and will report on his performance ahead of the world’s biggest music competition and what the performance means to him. “ESC – Countdown to Turin” begins on Saturday, May 14th, at 8:15 PM on the first. The final will follow from Italy live from 9:00 pm. At 0.50 a.m., Barbara Schonberger takes charge again with “ESC – Aftershow” – again with guest stars and moves to Malik Harris in Turin.

Thomas Hermans He knows (almost) all about the biggest music show in the world and has been linked to the Eurovision Song Contest for years. The artist, moderator and music expert, directed the preliminary tour of the German Economic and Social Center for many years. Barbara Schönberger will remember with him the great anthems, the most unusual costumes and the most impressive and surprising moments of the Eurovision Song Contest. In an entertaining panel discussion, he will shine with his expertise, as he is “the only ESC master”.

Max Geisinger He was a member of a band at the age of 13 and has shown real musical talent and stamina ever since. Produced by crowdfunding, Max Giesinger is now one of the truly big names in Germany. With the national anthem “80 Million” he had entire stadiums sing and dance, with songs like “When You Dance” touching the souls of many people. In “ESC – Countdown für Turin” the singer/songwriter will remember some of ESC’s greatest German songs, which he will translate exclusively on the show. He also presented the song “Taxi” from his new album as a first TV show.

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If there is an ESC legend, it is: Johnny Logan. The Irish singer won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 1980 with his song What’s Another Year. In 1987 he competed again in Brussels with the song Hold Me Now and won again. Nobody before or after Johnny Logan did that. But that’s not all: five years later he won the ESC title as author and lyricist for the song “Why me?” Sung by Linda Martin for Ireland. His songs had an unmistakable influence on the world’s largest song competition. In “ESC – Countdown für Turin,” Johnny Logan presents his three legendary winning songs in a variety mix.

We will announce another guest star later.

Information about the Eurovision Song Contest Online at the link www.eurovision.de

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