Home Economy Stadtwerke: The TV update caused problems for hundreds of people in Neubrandenburg

Stadtwerke: The TV update caused problems for hundreds of people in Neubrandenburg

Stadtwerke: The TV update caused problems for hundreds of people in Neubrandenburg

Maintenance work announced by Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke caused some customers to see black for now on Wednesday.


Thousands of customers have felt the effects of maintenance work carried out by Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke on central systems for television feeds since Wednesday. For this purpose, all TV channels gradually stopped working for a short time on Wednesday night. In order to be able to receive all programs again as usual, the search for the station is necessary depending on the company.

Some customers are helpless

And that’s exactly what has posed a challenge to many customers, as evidenced by emails to Nordkurier’s editorial team or calls from mostly elderly people. For example, an 88-year-old man from the southern part of the city desperately asked for help from the northern courier. One of the families had already reported the day before and complained that there were already waiting times of up to a week before the technician came to their home. Others can still only receive individual channels after an update.

According to a company spokeswoman, there have been – as expected – many inquiries about the TV update. All clients – about 500 families – who reported, on Wednesday also visited a large number of residents of nursing homes. We cannot confirm that there will be one week waiting times for on-site appointments. “These dates are only set from today, as many TVs scan for channels automatically,” a spokeswoman said. Nursing homes were an exception. Municipal facilities had already offered support in advance. “In many cases this morning, staff and residents were able to help themselves. The new technicians started looking for others.

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Additional customer service

Although customers were informed in advance through personal messages, advertisements, media reports, and social media, some customers were surprised or confused by the channel search on their TV. This is why the company has created its own additional customer service. “Staff on the customer’s phone give advice and help operate the TVs. Alternatively, our technicians provide support through home calls,” the spokeswoman continued.

According to its own information, Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke has about 38,000 cable TV customers. Most of them can turn on their TV on their own. Some customers on the service phone report that their TVs have picture but no sound. Also in these cases, it is necessary to manually start the search for a station,” as stated in the first balance sheet.

During maintenance work, issues with some Sky Q boxes were also resolved. The electronic program guide and channel sorting for these devices worked again.


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