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In fact, as a nominee in the second season of Who Steals the Show from Me? (ProSieben), presenter Joko Winterscheidt, 42, should take the job – but rapper Shereen David, 26, didn’t stand a chance.

With a story that stole the show from others…

Rapper Shireen competed with comedians Bastian Pastioca, 49, and Teddy Tekleberhan, 37, in a show contest against Goku Winterscheidt. In nine competition categories, divided into three winning levels, Jokos attempted to score three competitors in order to eventually steal the show from them.

This time in Goku's show at the start: Bastian Pastioca, Shireen David and Teddy Tekleberhan (from left)

This time in Goku’s show at the start: Bastian Pastioca, Shireen David and Teddy Tekleberhan (from left)Photo: ProSieben / Claudius Pflug

Goku was excited about his candidate at the beginning of the show.

Moderator to Shireen: “When I heard that you agreed, I freaked out. My favorite video, which I saw of you on Instagram, about you with a jet ski … “Pastiuka immediately interrupted, also excitedly:” Yes!

Video: Shereen David takes rounds in the pool on a jet ski. So far, more than 3.4 million people have watched the clip!

On the ProSieben show, Sherine revealed how it happened: “A crazy guy from the video production said we put a water bike in the pool and then tried to spin it around. Sometimes I was really scared, but it worked.”

However, I left out part of the story: in May 2020, the Berlin police moved into a villa – Sherine filmed a music video there with various people, drinks, noise pollution and a spontaneous end of the party by law enforcement officers.

After all, the rapper revealed what the spontaneous idea cost her: “We had to pay €40,000 in damages for this pool because we totally destroyed all the ledges and demolished it. That was the result. But hey, great video!”

Even if Goku was excited about his candidate, Shirin now had no chance of being on the show. But Bastian Pastioca brilliantly and unexpectedly passed his fellow candidates, and he had the most laughs and moments on his side.

Goku could only defend his show with great difficulty in the final!

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