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Fire halts production at Volkswagen plant in USA

At a US Volkswagen plant, the conveyor belts have been stagnant since Tuesday: a fire halted production and, according to the company, no serious injuries. Production should start again on Wednesday.

Factory manager Tom de Plessis said Tuesday that the plant was evacuated immediately on Tuesday morning and the fire was quickly put out. In the interest of the safety of all workers, production has been suspended for the rest of the day. No one was seriously injured in the fire, and the local fire brigade treated seven employees for minor smoke injuries.

“It came on all of a sudden. We were there and suddenly we were outside,” says Jon Bennett, a Volkswagen employee at a US media post. “We tried as much as we could to put out the fire, but it got out of control,” the worker said.

Volkswagen is working with local authorities to investigate the cause of the fire; According to the first clues, one of the promotional banks could have caught fire. Volkswagen had to evacuate nearly 4,000 employees from the plant.

However, production is set to resume at full capacity on Wednesday, according to Du Plessis.

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