Writer and journalist Michael Epmeyer has distanced himself from a book recently published by Green presidential candidate Annalina Pierbach. The politician was criticized for taking too many unmarked passages from other publications.

Epmeyer posted a statement on Ulstein Verlock’s Facebook page about the “Judge” book. How we renew our country. This makes it clear that in the winter of 2020/21 Epmeyer only conducted extensive interviews with Barbach, but the Green Politician wrote the book alone.

The author emphasized that his role in creating the book was simply that of an “obstetrician.” “It was admitted from the beginning, that’s how it was. I wasn’t involved in the final version.”

Epmeyer denied that there was a rift between him and Barbach. “There was a campaign against Annalina Berbaugh’s book in which various attempts were made to drag my name into the mud,” he said. The allegations against the book are “hypocritical” because it is not a textbook, but a “presentation of the agenda that the candidate begins.”

Barbach himself recently apologized after the allegations. “Looking back, it would have definitely been better if I had worked with the list of sources,” the presidential candidate said. You have consciously sought publicly available evidence, especially when it comes to facts, he said. “But I take criticism seriously.”

Ulstein-Verlock recently announced that he would provide this work with evidence. According to the publisher’s spokesman, additional resources will be added as soon as possible in the next edition and in the e-book.

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