Live broadcast: 0:0 - Hala is very lucky

Würzburg / Halle (Sal) / MZ Hallescher FC plays away to Würzburger Kickers on Match Day 37 of the Third Division on Sunday. While the hosts are already relegated, Haley could perfect the league if all goes well. Kick off in Dallenberg at 1pm. We provide a detailed game report in the live video. Note: The indicator is not updated automatically, please refresh the page regularly.

Liver Picker: Würzburg – HFC 0: 0

24-minute – Eberwein first plays a bad pass and then makes a mistake to prevent Kickers from counterattacking. The obvious thing: this gives the first yellow card the party.

23- minute – He almost got an own goal from Kraulich, who cleared a cross from Löder. But Keeper Richter is careful. On the other hand, Gotao boldly and successfully cleared Kubaz with a sliding intervention. It remains balanced.

20 minutes – Loader header after a corner kick for Jotao, but it bypasses it. There was more, and the player who puts his hands in front of his face, disappointed, knows that too.

17. Minute – Haley catches something and passes Jotao who does not find a striker in the penalty area. Then Huth got a shot at the ball, but it was hard to grab and repeat and repeat accordingly.

14 minutes – Würzburg again! A quick substitution was made on the left, then Hermann Sane sent in front of goal, but he shot exactly at Meissenhuller. Lucky for HFC, who is swaying after the first few good minutes.

10 minutes – a big chance for Würzburg! For the first time ever, the hosts appear in front of the penalty area and they have to make the score 1-0. But Kopacz completely loses his temper against Mesenhöler and fails due to the strong reaction of the HFC goalkeeper.

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7. Minute – HFC is clearly making the game and collecting times on the left. Landgraf and then a cross behind the goal without pressing it.

4. Min – Haley starts with a lot of ball possession and safe play. Würzburg waiting to switch moments. Eberwin is first class, but skips Laud’s good cross.

Kick-off – Referee Hussain launches the match and the ball is rolled. Many spectators are not there, probably around 2000. A few hundred of Halle also traveled.

before the match – Teams go out to the garden when the sun rises. Halle will play in his white kit with white shorts and socks, while Würzburg will wear their all-red shirts.

before the match – “We want to win the game today, that’s what we’ll focus on today,” Magenta Sport coach Mayer says and explains his attacking tactic: “Shcherba is back in the middle, which means Eberwein is on the lead again.”

BEFORE THE MATCH – This eleven coach sends Santelli onto the field for kickers: Richter – Schneider, Hagel, Krulich, Breung – Widener, Hoffmann – Kobach, Stefaniak, Hermann – Sani. For goalkeeper Richter, this is only the second match in the third division ever.

before the match – Look at HFC Bank. Today there are Muller, Kastenhofer, Otto, Sternberg, Samsun, Wesch, Dierstroff and Pershenko. For patient Löhmannsröben, he didn’t make it to the team at all.

Before the match – this is what HFC looks like from today eleven: Mesenhöler – Vollert, Nietfeld, Reddemann – Löder, Titch Rivero, Landgraf, Guttau – Shcherbakovski – Eberwein, Huth. Coach Meyer relies on Löder on the right and not on Kastenhofer or Wosz. Otherwise, no surprises.

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before the match – Reem Hussein will manage the match in Dalenberg today. The 41-year-old from Bad Harzburg today whistled for her matches in the 47th third and fifth division with the participation of HFC. Recently, she was a referee for the home win against Türkgücü Munich, which was then disqualified, before that, Haley led 1-2 in embarrassing TSV Havelse. Her assistants today are Catherine Rafalsky and Christian Behl.

before the match – On the stick: Kreuzer is blocked, as is Zimmerschied, so Haley has to reoccupy his right side. In addition, Löhmannsröben and Zulechner swayed. This is what eleven beginnings of the day might look like: Mesenhöler – Vollert, Nietfeld, Reddemann (Landgraf) – Kastenhofer (Wosz / Bösel), Titch Rivero, Landgraf (Löhmannsröben), Guttau – Shcherbakovski – Eberwein, Huth.

before the match – HFC has already earned several match points in terms of staying in the league. But the redemptive victory did not want to happen. For coach Andre Mayer, it’s all in the head. But why should you finally work today?

before the match – MSV Duisburg was saved with coach Torsten Ziegner and turned the pentathlon in the basement into four fights against relegation. Halle has the best cards of all the teams, even if there’s no point or win today.

before the match – It’s been clear since Saturday: HFC must take action themselves to make sure they stay in the league before the last day of the game. Win today and all accounts expire. The tie would also look very good.

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Before the match – welcome to the live tape! The last away game for Haley in the third division season 2021/22. It starts at 1 pm, from about 11 am, we start from here at the pointer.


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