Home entertainment Nico Schwanz (RTL): Ugly Mud fought with the former! Mega Zof on Instagram

Nico Schwanz (RTL): Ugly Mud fought with the former! Mega Zof on Instagram

Nico Schwanz (RTL): Ugly Mud fought with the former!  Mega Zof on Instagram

Nico Schwanz and Julia Prokopi: They were still happily in love at the time.

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Reality TV star and model Nico Schwanz was recently surprised with a scandalous contribution to RTL. His ex, Julia Prokopi, opposed him by not believing the situation.

MUNICH – There are issues that are best dealt with in private rather than in public – especially when it comes to a baby who is a few months old. Not just because private things are often left private. But also because strangers are participating in a discussion that only interests the participants. However, in the world of lesser known celebrities, it is common to post an Instagram story about everything.

“Jungle Camp” and “Bachelor” star Nico Schwanz had to go through such an experience. The 43-year-old has publicly shared his love for Julia Prokopi with photos. Also somehow RTLThe sequence allowed the two to accompany them their whole lives. For example, when Julia got pregnant. In December, Schwanz publicly announced the couple’s separation. Shortly thereafter, the 43-year-old was suddenly hospitalized.

Nico Schwanz and Julia Prokopi: The feud over Baby Lina turns into a public mud fight

With the separation, a mud fight begins with little Lena. Nico Schwanz brought up the topic to the public via RTL-to interview. He considered this his last chance to clear the situation. In the video sequence, the 43-year-old pretends to be a retarded father who has never seen his daughter. He follows a lot of Instagram stories. Nico Schwanz and Julia Prokopi comment on the whole thing only with a story sequence in which she describes her view of things superficially.

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The 26-year-old explains that she had already made it clear to the Youth Welfare Office that Schwanz could see his daughter at any time, “unfortunately he has not complied with this offer to this day.” In addition, according to Prokopi, the 43-year-old denied his daughter and “has not yet paid any alimony to the youngster.” The reality star proved otherwise on his Instagram story, at least with regard to the latest statement – with a screenshot of the transfer.

Julia Prokopi and Nico Schwanz: Doesn’t he want to acknowledge paternity?

Another sticking point appears to be the recognition of paternity. “He said that she was not his daughter and refused to take a paternity test for 4 months,” Julia Prokobny wrote in her story about her ex-husband. Schwanz called the final part of the statement a “lie.” Confirms his desire for a paternity test in RTL-Input. However, what the reality star doesn’t explain is how there was a gap of about six months between Julia’s first request to learn about paternity and her actual test results.

With all the audience going back and forth, accusations and denials, hardly anyone could see it. What really happened and who’s telling the truth, maybe only the two of you know. One can only hope little Lena that her parents will come to an agreement soon.


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