On Monday, August 23, a Laval woman who wished to remain anonymous received an email from EHPAD where her mother is, informing her that Visits have been suspended for ten days, until at least September 2, due to Covid-19 cases at Jean Gauguin’s retirement home, in Laval

A new phase of isolation Difficult for residents and their familiesYou trust France Bleu Mayen. “When I received the email, I was in shock‘You remember.’Will they take it well? Will some continue to leave us because of this? It’s very difficult to live with.

People get punished again, they no longer see their families – the daughter of an EHPAD resident

We can’t go back, it’s still terrible. They feel like they have been abandoned again. Meals are taken individually in the rooms. They are not allowed to go for a walk in the park together‘, she adds.

Upon our requests, the management of the Laval Hospital Center clarified that five cases of Covid-19 were detected, out of 171 residents. “No professional has been infected with the Covid virus. At the end of contact tracing, The source of the contamination appears to be a family visit. A new check will be performed on D+7″, Can we read the press release on Thursday evening. “These measures are maintained until further notice, They will be regularly re-evaluated to reduce their impact on the well-being of the population, while ensuring everyone’s safety.”

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