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Senate approves revised bill

Senate approves revised bill


Health permit extension: Senate adopts revised bill
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The Senate voted to extend the health permit, but only through February 28.

It is a deaf debate that has incited senators and government against the “Health Vigilance” bill. The executive branch did not convince the Senate. “The government is determined to keep July 2022 on the horizon.”Brigitte Bourguignon, Delegate Minister in charge of Autonomy. By 158 votes to and 106 against, senators decided on February 28 to extend the health permit. No doubt for them to go until July 2022. “Extending the health permit for nine months without returning at any time to deputies and senators is a true Democratic denial.”, captured Lawrence Rossignol, Senator from Oise.

“President Macron, if he announces his candidacy in January and February, may not want to announce bad news in February.”, identifies Roger Carucci, Senator LR of Hauts-de-Seine. In the new version of the bill, senators demanded that the health permit be regionalized. Representatives and senators will try to agree next week in the committee on a common version of the text.

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