Home entertainment “Good Mood Club” – Eris Appel: A sad breakup with Ui

“Good Mood Club” – Eris Appel: A sad breakup with Ui

“Good Mood Club” – Eris Appel: A sad breakup with Ui

Not entertaining? This is how Uwe Abel reacted

For the farmer, who took part in “Bauer sucht Frau” in 2011 and was met by Iris there, it wasn’t entirely easy to let his wife go to the show. After all, the two are inseparable and are still considered the dream couple to coordinate more than ten years later. In an interview with Okmag.de, Iris explains:

support me. I think he would of course have preferred it if I did that I stayed at home Will be. He has me too very very missedBut he put no obstacles in my way and I take credit for that – though he missed me so much.

Of course, Eris also missed her Uwe. But the 54-year-old also enjoyed the new impressions. “It was nice sometimes In a different environment – away from home with other people. At some point, of course, there comes a point where you feel homesick and think it’s been a long time, and then you miss your home or your partner, but at first it was fine, I was busy, Iris says. It also appears that Uwe may have survived time without his lover in the end, as Iris reveals: “He’s working really well, he’s working hard and we like each other.”

You can watch Iris’ performance in “Club of Good Moods” every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. Saturday 1 or anytime Gwen.

source used: private interview

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