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Tim Cook has something else to do

Tim Cook has been Apple’s CEO for 10 years, but there’s not another decade coming. But before the Apple chief hands the wand to his as-yet-unknown successor, Cook really wants to do one thing.

Tim Cook

How long will Tim Cook set the course for Apple? When will the passionate parker and early riser go into the retirement he deserves What does he want to do in advance? Answers to these exciting questions have already been provided by Apple insider, Bloomberg reporter and chatbox Marc Gorman.

Before Cook leaves Apple: One final major product launch

According to Gorman, at least the current Apple chief still wants it One Great launch Carry out under your own leadership. This doesn’t mean new iPhones or the like, but rather a product category that Apple hasn’t yet occupied. Anyone who thinks it could just be Apple’s electric car is wrong.

Instead, Apple experts expect Apple products from a region Augmented or mixed reality (Augmented Reality, Mixed) – Better like “Google Glass” or something like that. Anyway, Cook wants to direct their introduction before he leaves the field (source: Mark Gorman via

That would be for the president of Apple Between 2025 and 2028 the end of its activity, he can pass the wand and retire. But who will next take over at Apple?

Although Tim Cook does a great job, many fans still miss the character Steve Jobs (im Video to see):

A possible successor at the top of Apple

At this time, it can only be speculated about. in this context But the names are already falling Like Craig Federighi (Senior Vice President of Software Development), Deirdre O’Brien (Senior Vice President of Retail and People), or Apple veteran Eddy Cue and current COO Jeff Williams. The last two are likely just a “temporary fix”, as they’re not much younger than Tim Cook, who will celebrate his 61st birthday this year.

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Tim Cook joined Apple in 1998, was appointed COO in 2005 and took over as CEO on August 24, 2011. Cook’s predecessor and company co-founder Steve Jobs passed away that same year, just weeks after handing over a serious cancer.

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