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This is why the old “Gossip Girl” characters are not included in the reboot

Why don’t the public see Blair, Nate, Selina and Co.? Production of the new version of Gossip Girl is in full swing, in the USA, the first shot will be presented on the 8th of July. It soon became clear that the characters from the old seasons would not appear again at this time. In an interview, he reveals why the producer made this decision.

“The audience will never accept the characters if they are in the shadows of the original characters.”, explained Joshua Safran in conversation with daily monster. The new characters will have to prove themselves to some extent – even without the presence of the old stars. “Why do you want to meet Zoya when you suddenly see Nate?” The creator of the series argues.

However, the production plays with the idea of ​​bringing in the previous cast for a reboot. “Maybe we get to that point and ask the actors if they want to come in. There’s a couple cameos in season one with people from the original series, but not with the main characters.”, Describe Joshua.

cast "gossip Girl"- A new edition on the series' shooting location in November 2020

Jose Perez /

The cast of a remake of “Gossip Girl” on the set of the series in November 2020
Joshua Safran at the Eagle Festival in Hollywood in November 2019
The cast of “Gossip Girl” remake will premiere in June 2021
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