Connu pour sa défense d’un traitement controversé du Covid-19, Didier Raoult s’est prononcé en faveur de la vaccination des soignants et des sujets à risque. PHOTO AFP

«Yes, I am for vaccination but for populations that are particularly at risk of overexposure, or at risk of developing serious formsProfessor Didier Raoult told AFP during a lunch organized by the French-Chinese Investors Club: Chinese Business Club, In Paris.

When asked specifically about caregivers, a category in which vaccination is interrupted, the Professor of Microbiology replied in the affirmative: “Health care workers who are at risk should seriously consider vaccination“. Generally, “The indication of a vaccine that does not seem to me questionable is when you are at risk. The importance of the individual benefit increases the more exposure you are to it.He said during a question-and-answer session.

so rule “It is plausible that people who, if exposed, could have a serious form, the elderly, unhealthy obesity, should be vaccinated.”

qualified Vaccines” Dr'”A useful ingredient in fighting infection with Covid-19».

More skeptical than the rest of the population, especially children

For the rest of the population, the infectious disease specialist was more skeptical, in particular For children.

«Does general vaccination help fight infection? These are not obvious elements in literature or in real life.” Saucepan.

Noting that “He said it for a year and a half‘, advise any sick person “For treatment».

Professor Raoult has advocated since the beginning of the epidemic for the use of the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine combined with the antibacterial azithromycin, a treatment studied by the IHU, whose methodology has been disputed (the sample has been significantly reduced and there is no placebo group). In addition, several large clinical studies have concluded in recent months for Decreased efficacy of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19.

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Flu “after a while”

«Part of the initial catastrophe (in March/April 2020) that we didn’t treat people, we told them: ‘Wait until you suffocate’, but with this virus you can get horrible respiratory failure without even realizing it.The professor argued.

Didier Raoult felt it“There will come a time when we come out. Based on the historical notions I have, it might look like the flu after a while.».


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