Home entertainment Dominic Simin is fighting for the last place in the top ten singing

Dominic Simin is fighting for the last place in the top ten singing

Dominic Simin is fighting for the last place in the top ten singing


09. April 2022 – 23:00 hour

Indeed, Dominik Simmen narrowly failed in the 2022 DSDS Draw Final. But Michito’s end brought him back to play: in singing against Emine Knapczyk at the live premiere on April 9, he has another chance to secure a place in the top ten.

About the DSDS Dominik filter

Noun: Dominic Simin
Nickname: nickel
Modify: 23
star sign: fish
Residence: Kil
Education/Profession: psychology student
Marital status/married (yes/no): no

This means DSDS by Dominic Simin

Describe yourself in three words:
Open, friendly and entertaining

Your life slogan:
Don’t take yourself too seriously, we won’t get out of here alive anyway, so: “Enjoy the ride!”

What have you always wanted to do in your life?
I’ve always wanted to go to the Red Hot Chili Peppers party and tour Germany with my band Baltique. Or make the tea without forgetting it to cool off. If I had to choose, I’d take the tea.

My luck charm:
I have a leather bracelet that a friend brought me from Greece.

Do you have tics/quirks:
If someone turned on the right music, I would think of new dance moves and perform them as if my life was on the line. My favorites are the hippopotamus, the bowler, and the hedge leader.

Do you have special skills:
I’m surprisingly good at imitating the sounds of water bottles. Sometimes I grin when I laugh. I can only tell the jokes Harry laughs about. I can play 4 instruments and record my own music on my laptop.

Making music, going to the gym, drowning in the Irish pub, throwing bread to ducks in the park, and playing soccer.

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When did you start singing?
I think everyone loved to sing as a kid, but he got more ambitious from 14/15 onwards when girls got interesting too.

My favorite judge and why:
I think my favorite judge is Florian, I found it amazing how we met on equal terms behind the camera, even though he’s been a big name in show business for so long. I really felt like he cared about us and from a judge which I didn’t expect.

For me, DSDS means:
One of the best experiences of my life and a lot of great people!

I won the DSDS because…:
I won the DSDS because I’m shaking the jury like there’s no tomorrow!

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