Home Tech How do you want to counter this with the new update?

How do you want to counter this with the new update?

How do you want to counter this with the new update?

eFootbal 2022 was not in great shape when it was released. at our test There were hardly any points we liked and eventually the game made it to the top ten worst games of 2021. But now Konami is planning to fix many of the 1.0 update issues and tweak things again. Correction is due 14. April to appear.

What are the improvements for eFootball 2022 patch 1.0?

eFootball version 1.0 will be available from 14. April We hope you enjoy this show. Changes include new game elements, improved balancing and several bug fixes. In addition, the new mode is called “Dream Team” To be implemented, which should allow players to create their dream team and “compete against other ‘dream teams’ around the world”. What exactly is it supposed to look like and if you’re looking at a file Fifa Ultimate Team Mode Unknown at this time.

“We will continue to update our game based on the feedback we have received from our players”Konami says about the upcoming update via Twitter. The full patch notes will be available on April 14th. It remains to be seen if the title will continue again more than half a year after its release.

How has the brand, eFootball, changed?

The renaming of Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball was intended to symbolize a new beginning for the series. In plain language, this meant turning the title into a Free2Play game with a limited set of features, and then adding more afterwards Paid Extensions Wanted to submit later. but very scattered range Together with many technical problems caused the failure of the project.

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