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Season 14 update with new weapons and more

Destiny 2 Season 14 Update brings new weapons and more to the game.

Changes in weapon balance on the way to Destiny 2 With the Season 14 update, Bungie has shared the first details of what to expect from specific weapons, swords, and more. Plus many perks like Quickdraw and Frenzy.

Weapons feature Chris Proctor details a selection of changes that will be discussed in more detail in future patch notes. One of the most far-reaching changes is the power reduction of the aggressive hand gun (120 rpm). Proctor describes her as “extremely controlling” in PvP modes, so Bungie wants to “hold her back a little”. This is done by reducing the damage and directing the assist distance by 2-4 meters, depending on the range statistics of the weapon in question. Proctor says this should cut the “Beyond Light” buff of the “Aggressive Hand Gun” by roughly half.

Swirl frame swords like Falling Guillotine will see their effectiveness decrease, but not by reducing their damage. Bungie increases the amount of ammo needed for a heavy attack at full strength from 4 to 6, so you have to be more selective about how to attack.

The quick draw feature will also see a decrease in power as it is currently more useful than intended as it provides a significant boost to the handling of the weapon. Proctor notes that this “completely negates” the disadvantages of using weapons with low handling stats such as sniper rifles or assault rifles. After updating, the handling bonus will disappear after a second if you switch to a weapon with Quickdraw or if you point the scene down. In addition, Quickdraw will be replaced by Surplus in both new and current versions of two very dominant PvP weapons: Felwinter’s Lie and Astral Horizon.

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The ‘Frenzy’ feature has also been mitigated due to its effectiveness in PvE; You are now only receiving 15% more damage from them (instead of 20%). The tank blast on the Fusion Rifles was also modified to increase the magazine size, but with reduced additional battery damage (25%, instead of 33%). Proctor has also raised the need to make this change based on some upcoming content.

Finally, another strange species, the Lament, will become Nerf, because it is a “clear turn of sword damage.” His heavy attack will deal 16% less damage, but it will still have anti-barrier effects.

Bungie continues to advertise receiving some underutilized perks and linear fusion rifle enthusiasts. These changes should be determined later in April.

Destiny 2 Season 2 is expected to be released in mid-May.

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