Leipzig. Everything is still open! Everything is possible! RB Leipzig did not get a 1-1 draw (0-1) against Atlanta Bergamo in the Europa League quarterfinals. In the Red Bull Arena at home, guests always dominated the game and repeatedly presented big problems to the hosts, who were very precise in attacking actions. The Bundesliga team, which missed Andre Silva’s penalty, worked well with a temporary balance. Especially since this result leaves you with all the options for a second leg in a week. By repealing the away goals rule, RB would be enough to reach the semifinals with a win, no matter how much it costs.


RB coach Dominico Tedesco said before the kick-off that you do not have to decide everything in the first 15 minutes. Finally its time is 180 minutes. But what his boys offered in the first half may have been a bit relaxed to their own Italian taste. Because the game at the Red Bull Arena was done by Lombardy’s guests, they happily moved forward. Louis Muriel in particular was unable to bring the team under control. It was the Atlanta striker who first missed Lucas Clostermann in the 17th minute, then gave his side the lead. The hosts were looking for moments to change their salvation. They really picked up speed in no time. However, the accuracy that was still in Dortmund was low when opposed. Accumulated in a vacuum or in the middle of turbulence unnoticed. While it was working – Conrad Limer suddenly played and put the ball in the middle, where Andre Silva took the goal – the leather hit the post. In the first half it was the best, basically the only RB chance.

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LVZ Chief Correspondent Guido Schaefer evaluates the RB team’s performance in the first leg of the quarter – final against Atlanta Bergamo:


Both coaches avoided making changes at intervals and the game continued almost unchanged. Bergamo was very active and gave the Italians a 2-0 lead in the 53rd minute. But Peter Gulasi responded well. Shortly afterwards, RB fans cheered: referee Michael Oliver pointed to the point after making a mistake on Christopher Enkungu. Silva advanced for the third time this season. Keeper Juan Musso saved the shot, then dived into another corner and distributed the following header. But it was still 1: 1. Because immediately Angelino went inside, where Willie Orban was ready. David Chapagosta tried to destroy and went into his own net (58 ‘). Pergamon coach Gian Piero Gasparini then made three changes, bringing Emil Forceberg to Tedesco’s frustrated Silva, and 73 minutes later Dominique Sophosloi (for Danny Olmo) and Marcel Holstenberg (for Josco Guardiola) into the team’s delightful Bergmock. In particular, newcomers Giorgio Scalvini and Duan Sabada provided Leipzig’s defensive work. Ssobosloy missed one of Leipzig’s few chances and headed home a crossbar in the 82nd minute. Interest: Pergamon failed twice due to aluminum. RB then created more pressure in the final stage, but still delayed.


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