Frank Otto reveals: What is going on between him and his happy companion?

Frank Otto
Who is his happy playing field companion?

Frank Otto appears as a cheerful women's company in the match between FC St. Pauli and FC Ingolstadt at the Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg.

Frank Otto appears as a cheerful women’s company in the match between FC St. Pauli and FC Ingolstadt at the Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg.

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Luck seems to be on his side. After splitting from GNTM nominee Natalie Falk, businessman Frank Otto is now cheerful next to a new mate.

Understandably, FC St. Pauli’s 4-1 win over Ingolstadt puts a big smile on postal order heir Frank Otto, 64. It is also conceivable that this gentle glow could also be associated with his cheerful companion. Ex-fiancée Natalie Falk, 24, now calling herself Miranda Degrande, engaged to Timor Akbulut, relaxes on Sunday, September 19, 2021, at the Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg, watching his favorite team win — and it seems she herself feels the win.

Frank Otto: An unknown companion who shares his passion

The humorous young woman at his side seems to share the joy of football with Frank Otto. A smile on the face of the exotic beauty cheering for her celebrity companion from the stands. Frank Otto is also fashionably committed to Kiez-Verein and indicates solidarity with the club’s scarf.

When asked by Bild what was going on between the two of them, Otto clearly replied, “Nothing at all! It’s ridiculous to explain something there.” The entrepreneur also explains: “I have both male and female friends. I can’t go out with the boys all the time.”

Victoria and Natalie Falk

Who hits him in the heart?

At the beginning of September, Frank Otto, who had been going alone for a year, also told GALA that he was not currently in an established relationship. In this situation he can let himself go “a certain way”: “There are no expectations, I don’t have to put up with the mood and I don’t need to pretend. I can see women with completely different eyes, I find other things attractive to everyone.”

His expectations of a new love are not tied to any specifications, he recently explained: “It’s like music. Some tracks shock you in the heart and some tracks are good too. You can’t expect that. That’s why there is no performance of how a woman should be for me.”

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