Elon Musk: You can meet him at an event in Berlin


Fair with Elon Musk? You can meet him here

Through the county fair, Elon Musk wants to give access to the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.

Through the county fair, Elon Musk wants to give access to the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.


Updated: 09/21/2021 – 06:42 AM

Elon Musk wants to celebrate the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg. He must also be present.

Tesla’s new factory site in Grunheide, Brandenburg, has already received some criticism over the past few months. Above all, environmentalists, but also local residents, campaigned against the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg in the relevant authorities and offices. CEO wants a party Elon Musk Now it seems to create more acceptance.

Elon Musk: Giga-Fest in October

Despite all the troubles Giga Berlin has had over the past year, it needs to be finished. The plant is primarily designed to produce a Tesla Model Y. Access to the Gigafactory will be made available through the County Fair.

Open Tesla 09.10.2021 Opens the doors of the Gigafactory factory in Grünheide and invites the citizens of Brandenburg and Berlin to the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair, “as stated on a website specially prepared for this event.” Experience the world’s most advanced serial production facility for electric vehicles up close and personally take a look behind the scenes.”

Here You can register in advance.

Take a look inside the factory

As part of a “factory tour”, guests should be able to “take an unusual look behind the facade” of the Gigafactory and even inspect the interior of the factory near Berlin. “In addition, there will also be an opportunity to experience the unique acceleration of the latest Tesla Model Y,” Tesla continues.

Handelsblatt to me CEO Elon Musk revealed in a tweet that he will also be present.

Source: Handelsblatt, Tesla

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