Am 17.02.2022 läuft "Der Bergdoktor: Extreme" im ZDF. Besetzung, Mediathek und Co. im Überblick.

running new episodes From “Doctor Mountain” I ZDF. I be Thursday 02/17/2022He goes season 15 As a result of “Maximum” tracking. This will be for dr. Martin Gruber in distress: Thea shuts down a bottling plant in her struggle for custody of her grandson. In addition, another exciting case is waiting for the doctor.

What exactly is it about? who are they the actor in a Episode 5? Is there “extremism” in Media Library? All information about PieceAnd previewAnd occupation And gravity You can find it here.

“Der Bergdoktor: Extreme”: Episode 5 preview

in the fight for it Care lumps Thea Hochstetter the bottling plant For Gruber’s Milk. Family can by insolvency stand up. Hans He presses Martin and wants to bring him back to his senses. yes she can Martin Give his son all wort milk? The whole family lives in Existing The only thing that can give clarity is knowing why Francesca In coma. There must be a chance for her to reach consciousness…

But Martin doesn’t just have family problems: she’s a mountaineer Surlander blessing He asks for a strong recipe sedatives. Since then her friend Tobias Junger Life-threatening climbing “free solo” Exercises too scared him. She does not understand how Tobias can threaten both the relationship and the future. Both are professional in rock climbing They have already led several expeditions together in the Himalayas, but what Tobias does is becoming too much. Martin Gruber also noted that the extreme climber is very persistent. Because this is unexpected Muscle trembling get, fall diagnosis shocking from…

“Der Bergdoktor: Extreme”: Tobias received a shocking diagnosis.
© Foto: ZDF / Erika Hauri

“Der Bergdoktor: Extreme”: performers on February 17, 2022

In addition to the main cast of “Der Bergdoktor”, the new episode “Extreme” also features a number of roles in the episode. Manal the actor On the cast, you can see here.

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role – actor

  • Dr. Martin Gruber – Hans Siegel
  • Hans Gruber – Heiko Ruprecht
  • Lisbeth Gruber – Monica Baumgartner
  • Alexander Kahnweiler – Mark Keeler
  • Lily Gruber – Ronja Forcher
  • Susan Drizzitl – Natalie O’Hara
  • Anne Mayerling Ines Lutz
  • Franziska Hochstetter – Simone Hanselmann
  • Lynn Kemper – Andrea Gerhard
  • Dr. Joanna Rüdiger – Annika Ernst
  • Thea Hochstetter – Claudia Wenzel
  • Robert Schwartz Timon Ballenberger
  • Sophia Gruber – Ylvi Unertl
  • Doctor. Bernd Herold – Lutz Blochberger
  • Markus Ullmüller – Wolfram Roberti
  • Tobias Junger Francois Joskey
  • Naama Surlander – Catherine Hess
  • Mike Tanner – Felix Lambert
  • Luisa Christina Scherer

“The Mountain Doctor: Extreme”: Media Library

The new episode of “Der Bergdoktor” begins on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 8:15 PM on ZDF. If you don’t want to wait for it to air on TV, you’re in luck: “Extreme” is already out Pre-available in ZDF Media Library. There you can also watch the 15th season afterwards as a Repetition Watching, watching.

“Mountain Doctor” all the information about the fifteenth season

When will the episodes of “Der Bergdoktor” be shown? season 15 Always on ZDF? Where’s the trailer? Who are the actors in the main cast? Broadcast dates, episode guide, cast, location and more information about the series can be found here:

What is the new episode on ZDF?


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