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Jennifer Lopez as a criminal stripper

Jennifer Lopez as a criminal stripper

In the crime comedy “Hustlers – Revenge is Sexy”, Jennifer Lopez can be seen as an interested stripper on free TV for the first time tonight.

New York in 2008, just before the Great Depression: Men come to the Hippest Strip Club in the city every evening from Wall Street. There Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) star. When it comes to inexperienced fate (Constance Wu), she is quickly disappointed by the fierce competition among women for the best client. But Ramona takes the girl under her wing: together they make more money than they dreamed of.

Then comes the big financial crisis and the business model of clubs collapses from one day to the next. But Ramona and Fate are not ready to deal with the crisis triggered by greedy bankers. In a world where some have money and others dance for it, both now want to set the rules for themselves. With a bold plan and an expanded team, which includes young Annabelle (Lily Reinhardt), they are really starting to bite their ex-clients. But the plan goes awry.

The starting point of the film is the statement of American journalist Jessica Presler in 2015, entitled “The Hustlers at Scores” in the New York Magazine. Filmmaker Jessica Elbum acquired the rights to the story. When Jennifer Lopez joined as co-producer and lead actress, the project could not be stopped.

I ZDF-Montaxcino can be found on ZDF tonight, September 20 at 10:15 p.m.

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