RTL star Nazan Ekes, 45, will spend Christmas with her family and her in-laws in Austria. She has already traveled to Vienna for it with her husband, Julian Cole, 41, and their two children, Lonis, 7, and Elias, 5.

But her thoughts are also with her parents in Turkey. Because: The father of the German-Turkish woman has Alzheimer’s disease. “Father reacts strongly to Turkish music, and childhood memories are likely to come back to life. Otherwise, he is happy in his small world.”

“Papa hasn’t known me and my kids for a long time.”

It is difficult for the family: “It is sad for us relatives to see him like this. My father has not recognized me and my sons for a long time,” says the moderator.

Her children give her strength

But the rest of the family hold together and give each other strength. Ekes had traveled to Turkey with her sister in November to comfort her mother. “For the past two years, our strong mom has insisted we take care of our dad herself. Around the clock. Now she’s ready to accept help too,” she explains.

The beautiful introduction is given strength by her two children. “I’m holding myself together for you. You hold a lot, and you always make me laugh.”

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