Duckduckgo 'secure' web browser allows Microsoft data to be tracked

Duckduckgo allows Microsoft to track data – thanks to a contractually agreed search agreement. Duckduckgo is actually famous for protecting the privacy of its users. However, a security researcher found that Duckduckgo tracks Android and iOS users – allowing LinkedIn and Bing domains.

Because Duckduckgo uses the search index of the search engine Bing, the company is bound by a sharing agreement and must abide by its rules, Duckduckgo CEO Gabriel Weinberg explained in response to a tweet by security researcher Zach Edwards. Accordingly, Microsoft is allowed to track at least in the mobile version of the search engine.

Although there are no personal identifiers associated with search queries, the Microsoft ads that run can track an IP address or user agent, Edwards explains. However, no profile is created for ad click behavior. In the future, according to Gabriel Weinberg, Duckduckgo plans to do more to block Microsoft and third-party trackers. In addition, descriptions of programs in the App Store should be made more transparent.

Duckduckgo recently criticized Google for its tracking methods. It was said that Google misused the Chrome browser extension to promote its own products and suppress the products of others. Google’s manipulative design features, “dark patterns,” should discourage users from using competing products.


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