Automobile Association FIA: Formula 1 jewelry ban postponed – Hamilton annoyed

The jewelry debate in Formula 1 continues.

The International Automobile Federation, which is responsible for the rules, has now postponed the possible ban for the time being.

Jewelry will be allowed until the end of next month, so this weekend will be the Classic in Monaco and then the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan and Canada. Use the time for discussions between drivers and those in charge from Fia’s medical area.

“They make room for us a little bit, but we don’t have to bring this topic back,” the superstar said. Lewis Hamilton. Jewelry aficionado Monte Carlo’s gardener added: “There are very important things.”

Criticism of Hamilton

Britt, 37, was recently exempted from nose piercing in races in Miami and Barcelona, ​​where it is said to be difficult to remove. “I’ve been wearing jewelry for 16 years. Wasn’t that a security issue then?” Hamilton asked in Miami.

For safety reasons, wearing jewelry in Formula 1 cars has not actually been allowed for many years – this is what the rules say. However, so far, violations have never been punished.

Fia says the reason for the new, more severe barrier is that rings, chains or piercings can create unnecessary barriers for first responders and physicians in emergencies. In addition, jewelry on the skin as a heat conductor will reduce the protective effect of fireproof clothing.


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