On October 15, there was a Nintendo Direct for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In this, a lot of content has been announced for update 2.0. For example, some familiar faces will now appear in the game, there will be a few new places to visit, and much more. Update 2.0 will be the latest free content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and you can start enjoying it on November 5, 2021.

Relax in the Taubenschlag Café

On the other hand, Café Taubenschlag, run by cozy Kofi, will find its way into the game. Here you can order one of the Kofis specials or have a cup of coffee with the people of your village. Among them is Melinda, who will visit the café during her break on work days. In addition, you can meet the character you want to have a cup of coffee with your Amiibos.

Explore new islands with the captain

Moreover, you can now go on a boat tour with the captain. Islands are special places that only the captain knows. So there are new plants to discover and it can also have a different time of year or day than your main island. This is definitely especially useful when looking for fish, special insects, or other things. By the way, the captain will sing you one of his sea huts during the trip.

Harvey’s Insl

Harvey Island will also get a major makeover in the new update. With this you can organize your photo sessions, with the new update you will find a small square on the island with all kinds of interesting shops. You can also support Harvey with Sternis to unlock more stores. For example, Aziza, Schubert and other visitors to the island will open their stores here over time. Other familiar faces include Rosina and Björn, who have recreated the turnkey furniture for you, Smeralda and her crystal ball, and Tortimer, where you can store your things. Harvey’s girlfriend, Trud, will also find her spot on the island and will give you some new hairstyles.

Island laws

As in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can now issue so-called island ordinances in New Horizons. For example, a regulation of early birds ensures that all the inhabitants of your island wake up early.

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Tom Nook’s home services also don’t go empty-handed in the new update. Now there are more options for the exterior design of your home, and your warehouse has also been expanded a little. So far, your inventory can hold a maximum of 2,400 items, and that number will grow to a total of 5,000 items after three expansions.

If you’re sitting on countless miles and don’t know what to do with it, you can exchange it for new items in Update 2.0. Including Deko-Profi License, Pro-Construction License, Pro-Camera-App, New Furniture, and much more.

cooking and farming

There are also some interesting innovations for chefs, so you can conjure up many new recipes in your small kitchens. You can grow and harvest ingredients for new recipes on your own farm.

If an extended warehouse isn’t enough for you, with the new update, you can now also build a storage shed somewhere on your island, connected to the warehouse in your home. An automatic bell dispenser can also be integrated, so you can deposit or withdraw mowing anywhere on the island.

New songs in KK Slider

The famous singing dog KK Slider will lift your mood with some new songs in the future. There are a total of twelve new songs that you can collect and add to your collection. Moreover, there is a new piece of furniture with the music box, which you can use to listen to your favorite songs at home.

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Thyroid fragments are now also hidden in the ground for all treasure hunters. You can transplant these, where the true thyroid gland grows from. You can combine thyroid gland collected in different ways to create music with them.

If there are a few narrow hallways in your home, you can easily walk around with the new update. So you are no longer limited by space when designing your home. It works so well that your islanders can now pay you a surprise visit, just like they do on New Leaf. Or they invite you to their house to chat with you a little.

There are quite a few new items and interesting features that the 2.0 update brings with it. For all the info you should take a look at the Nintendo DIrect from October 15th.

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