Home Tech Watch Dogs Legion: Crossover Begins With ‘Money Heist’

Watch Dogs Legion: Crossover Begins With ‘Money Heist’

Watch Dogs Legion: Crossover Begins With ‘Money Heist’

Watch Dogs Legion: Crossover mit

In November 2019, Ubisoft and Netflix combined and rewarded players for the tactical shooter “Rainbow Six Siege” with a crossover based on the Netflix series “Money Heist”.

The content seems to have been received positively enough to start work on a second crossover of this kind. As announced by Ubisoft, “Money Heist” content is now also available in the “Watch Dogs Legion” universe. As part of the new crossover, you will be offered a new mission that you can take on with up to three other players or friends.

Take cryptocurrency under the nail

In the “Money Heist” mission, you face the task of helping Clan Kelley, one of the factions in the “Watch Dogs Legion” universe, to facilitate cryptocurrency. Needless to say, the iconic masks and well-known red buttons from the Netflix series of the same name should not be missing. A trailer that sets the mood for the new crossover.

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Watch Dogs Legion is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and was recently given the extensive Contet update to version 5.5. In addition to a crossover with the “Assassin’s Creed” series, the new content update introduced a new level of difficulty and new multiplayer modes.

We have all the information about the content of the content update 5.5 Here summarizes you.

More news about Watch Dogs Legion.

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