Home Tech First gameplay scenes of Free2Play shooter

First gameplay scenes of Free2Play shooter

First gameplay scenes of Free2Play shooter

With Battlefield Mobile, the Free2Play branch of the popular shooting game series is currently in development. In the meantime, the first gameplay can be seen from the Battlefield free branch for smartphones.

The material comes from Battlefield Mobile Alpha Playtest game, Currently taking place in some regions of the world, including Indonesia and the Philippines. The videos show not only impressions of the roster, but also many battle scenes. So you will witness some skirmishes in the middle of the narrow streets in which many players participate.

By the way, they are not only on foot, but drive various vehicles such as smart jeeps and powerful tanks. You can also take a closer look at the arsenal of weapons, which range from machine guns to grenades. In the alpha play test, participants can currently only experience the “Conquest” game mode on the map named “Grand Bazaar”.

Battlefield Mobile is planned to be released in 2022 – for Android and iOS. It is a Free2Play shooter that will be available for free download. Microtransactions allow players to purchase both cosmetic add-ons and a Battle Pass.

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