Volcano miracle in La Palma - lava escaped from this house - news abroad

Volcanoes have been boiling and spitting on the Canary island of La Palma since Sunday. Lava constantly destroys everything that crosses its path, flowing out and leaving behind scorched black earth. Now a small miracle happened: one house survived among the thick and hot lava streams.

Shortly before the building, the hot mass split, flowed through the house to the left and right, and then merged again to form a stream. Classically bookable “You Had a Pig” event. About 400 other homes on the popular tourist island weren’t so lucky.

according to “WatchmanThe house belongs to a retired Danish couple who have not been on the island. But Ada Munnikendam, who built the house 30 years ago, says it “was relieved that it still exists.” “We all started crying madly when I told them their beloved home was still intact.”

Giant 600-meter-wide lava relentlessly spurted down the hill at a speed of four meters per hour before hitting Wednesday’s level. For comparison: when the eruption occurred, the lava was moving at a speed of 700 meters per hour.

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