PlayStation celebrates a standalone party and announces seven games for console •

As part of the Independent Spotlight event, Sony is announcing seven independent islands soon on PlayStation.

Sony has announced seven indie games on PlayStation Blog as part of its Indie Spotlight event, which is coming soon on PS4 and PS5. From grim dungeons and monstrous monsters to colorful characters and mysterious exploration tours, there is something for everyone.

For each game you can find Articles A publication providing fresh insights and information about the upcoming India.

short walk: In this open world exploration game from 2019, you will play as a little bird who is going on an adventure while climbing a mountain. Adam Robinson’s dream title U will arrive on PlayStation this fall.

Oxenfree 2: The Lost SignalsNight School Studios introduces new characters and old quality in the second part of the dark adventure series. This time, you control Rilay Poverly and investigate strange electrical signals in Camena City. The Oxenfree sequel, which debuted in 2016, is supposed to appear this year.

Axiom Virgo 2: Metroid meets retro here under the direction of developer Thomas Happs. The sequel to Axion Verge has two worlds that invite you to explore – an upper world and a world connected to this, which is located somewhere below in another dimension. And yes, you can wander between these two worlds.

carrion: Want to turn the tables and instead of chasing monsters, slip into the skin of a terrible creature yourself? Cool, then Carrion from Phobia Games Studios could be your thing. As a monster, you are waiting for the hero in the dark and suffocating corridors of a labyrinth industrial complex in order to defeat him with a bloody massacre.

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top of the sun: A descendant of arcade shooters Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta from PlatinumGames is also finding its way to PlayStation. Chief Designer Hideki Kamiya speaks in another talk Blog post About the origins of the sequel, which was 36 years away.

Witchwood: a witch with Alzheimer’s disease? Well, in old age, you can forget that you made a dark agreement. Alientrap Games sends you on a fantasy crafting adventure among cute creatures and poisonous magic potions that you have to discover on your journey. The game should be released this year.

HadesWith Hades, Supergiant Games has produced one of the most popular and popular indie games of the past year. Hades blends rogue-like dungeons with Greek mythology and spice with a great art style and soundtrack that heightens your battles. On August 13, you can try to help the protagonist Zagreus to escape from the underworld.


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