Jule Hake Alive Medal of Hope - Powerful Quad Performance in Kayak

These are tough days for boat rider Jule Hake from KSC Lünen. After the Olfen-born woman took 18th overall on the kayak single, the 21-year-old had to build on the solid performance in the past few weeks in the women’s four kayak—successfully.

Saturday evening semi-finals

Along with Sabrina Hering Bradler, who, like Hake, has started on the kayak solo the past few days, KSC athlete Melanie Gebhardt and Tina Dietz have introduced a 500m sovereign race in the preliminary round. Behind the Poles (1: 33.468 minutes), the German quartet took second place (+1.213 seconds) and qualified directly for the semi-finals.

The fact that Hake and Co. They can certainly hope to grab a precious Olympic metal mainly due to the experiences from recent competitions. Although the boat was completely overhauled recently, the quartet won the World Cup race in Szeged, Hungary, in May. Good prerequisites for getting a top rank in the Olympics.

On Saturday night, things get really serious for Jule Hake, Sabrina Hering-Pradler, Melanie Gebhardt, and Tina Dietze. The semi-finals of the kayak quad will take place on the program from 3.07AM CET, before the Grand Final begins at 5.19AM CET – then hopefully Germany will take part.

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