Claudia Aubert gets a new show!  This is the essence of

Claudia Hubert Gets New Show On Joyn! “The Obert Connection” begins on July 15 and accompanies the 59-year-old in meetings with social media stars.

Hamburg – New show for Trash Queen Claudia Aubert (59)! Starting July 15, the 59-year-old will be back again Gwen That’s when their new show, “Die Obert Connection”, begins.

Luxurious Lady Claudia Hubert (59) gets her own style again with Joyn's live streaming service.

Luxurious Lady Claudia Hubert (59) gets her own style again with Joyn’s live streaming service. © Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

According to Joyn’s official press release, the format is “a social network experience of a different kind.”

Specifically, the concept of the show looks like this: the reality star meets well-known social media stars from six different regions, who offer their advice and tricks to the citizen of Hamburg.

So from beauty, TikTok, to eroticism to fitness, everything is there. However, the names of the influencers have yet to be revealed.

“Everyone talks about social media and it’s a science in itself. He always praised my caption on Instagram. But I’m with myself.” Instagram account Not satisfied with 142,000 followers, ”explained the luxurious lady.

Her goal is to make her account more professional and better understand the skill of influencers.

“I don’t know how to make these little films Youtube The 59-year-old explained: “Cuts, take great photos on Instagram or how to shoot videos for TikTok.”

"De Aubert connection" With the Queen of the Trash in the main role, starting on July 15 and has six 20-minute episodes.

“The Obert Connection” begins with the Garbage Queen on July 15th and features six 20-minute episodes. © Gwen

At the same time, she wants to reveal the secrets of her modeling and fashion success to young stars.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know what’s going on, “When Claudia Aubert meets a webcam girl, learns TikTok moves and lifts weights as well as a champagne glass,” July 15th should be highlighted in red.

Gwen shows “Uber Connection” twice a week. On Joyn Plus + (for a fee), all 6 20-minute episodes are available from scratch.

The dating show “Claudia’s House of Love”, which the entrepreneur was looking for Mr. Right, was only initially available from the live streaming service in January.

The show was later shown in prime time on SAT.1, but was released in early April after only two episodes They were banished to the night show due to the catastrophic ratings.

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