Christoph Mull is the new president of Fastnacht

You may know Christoph Mole from “Supernarr,” “Franken Helau,” or “Foolish Wine Tasting.” Since 2022, he has served as presiding officer at Veitshöchheim, succeeding Bernd Handel. In the interview, Fastnachter talks about himself and his inauguration.

“Becoming the presiding officer in Wechtschheim is of course the greatest thing for every carnival participant. For me, this dream has now come true. I consider it a great honor to be asked to succeed Bernd Handel. He has made great strides. For me 16 years as a serial and vocal impersonator during The brilliant meeting of the Franconian Fastnacht Society – always lively, always witty with a lot of humor and deeper meaning. Now it’s my turn: I’m looking forward to this exciting task.” Christoph Möll, session chair “Carnival Franconia”

How did you get to the carnival?

As a kid, I played theater – not very good but I loved it. I was drawn to the stage early on. In a town of 3,000 people like Schillingsfürst, it was obvious to visit the local carnival club. In 2001 it’s time. The first few years I was doing a duet, later on his own. After 13 years on the local stage, she dared to do the BR selection format “Der Supernarr”. This was followed by the first performances outside their homeland.

How did you get into TV?

I first called the TV with the super asshole. However, I didn’t have a good performance there. So I was shocked. So the first time in front of the camera was extraordinary. I only got better when I learned to hide the cameras.

In which club are you active?

We are part of the TSV Schillingsfürst gymnastics club. The carnival section is “Frankemer Stupfl”. The special thing is that there are not as many carnival clubs in our area as in Würzburg or Nuremberg. And we run our 11 sessions, which have been sold out for years, exclusively from our affiliate representatives.

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The moderator is an important task – how did you react when asked?

After I received the great news that I could perform my number one single in “Fastnacht in Franken”, I was asked for another interview. I didn’t know what it was about. I thought maybe the operation? textual? uniforms? Presidency issue – I would never have thought of that. But I spontaneously agreed. It’s a big mission with a big presence. I slept on it one night and discussed it with my wife. She encouraged me. It’s like you won the lottery without even playing. In the end, however, I trusted the people in charge, I’ve worked very well with the BR and Fastnacht team in the past and have always been supported with the right tips, procedures and advice.

Would you like to tell us something about yourself?

I was born in 1979 and I work as a sales manager. The most important thing for me is my family with a wonderful wife who always supports me, encourages me and supports me. I am also a very proud father of a son born in 2020. We definitely have the greatest dog in the world. Through my family and my dog ​​and also across my country, which is very important to me, I also find the necessary balance. Additionally, as a former referee who was a former bad footballer, I am still a member of the board of directors for my home club in Schillingsforest.


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