Home entertainment Syrian refugee becomes S-Bahn lifeguard and sings “Ideas is Free”

Syrian refugee becomes S-Bahn lifeguard and sings “Ideas is Free”

Syrian refugee becomes S-Bahn lifeguard and sings “Ideas is Free”

Episode 9 of “Blind Tests” on “The Voice of Germany” (ProSieben/SAT.1) begins with overly physical things: “It’s very uncomfortable to sit on that rubber with a bare base all the time,” Sarah Connor complains that it’s an unfriendly material for the private coach’s chair. your. “Are you completely naked in there?” “Not completely naked, no pants,” Sarah waves to him. Oh! This will also be explained.

What else the coaches revealed about themselves: Johannes Ording loves to fight with alpacas, and Nico Santos was the biggest principal at the school. Mark Forster sums it up on behalf of the television audience: “I’m learning things here about other coaches I’ve hoped I hadn’t learned from all my life.”

Sarah Connor scolds young singer: ‘This comes from too much TV’

As far as talent is concerned, Forster and his much-rejected team at first are gaining pace – and also on a curious note: “Finally great job on your team,” he praised Sarah Connor as Stuttgart-based Jonas Eismann lure the four coaches (“I think you’re all great” ‘) finally decides in favor of Mark. “You’re acting like my people are a zoo!” Forster exclaims, but then admits: “It’s a collection basin for exotic birds. We have been mocked a lot, but be careful: the bee stings from behind!”

Something similar could also be applied to Sarah Connor, who did a lot in this episode. “This comes from a lot of TV,” she says of a young singer who is excited but emotionally awkward: “So you don’t really know how it feels anymore.” , and the wobbly look of a third party with “I don’t” don’t miss anyone.” Because music, according to Connor, is most beautiful when stimulated: “Singing is sensual,” giving a pop singer lecture, “like getting along with someone who feels, sometimes Faster, sometimes harder, then very gently. stop love.”

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Mark Forster exploits Sarah Connor’s weak moment

But any mystery fades, with the story of a man who fled Syria in a rubber dinghy in 2015, witnessed dramatic scenes, and four years later, he himself became a lifesaver in need: when a 19-year-old was at Ludwigsburg train station with his mother he found himself in front of a S Wanted to bring down Bahn, Mazen Mohsen prevented the act of despair.

Courage is a leitmotif in the life of the 27-year-old musician, who sings the German folk song “Ideas is Free” on “The Voice” — including a verse in Arabic as “a bridge between my old and new homeland.” With a song honoring freedom of expression in Germany, he wanted: “I’m grateful for that. They don’t exist in my country.” The direct phrase conveyed Mark Forster as much as the song moved. He’s the only one turning to Mohsen: “Yes man, ideas are free – and they should stay that way!”

Sarah Connor thinks she’s missed something, “It’s nice that you’re so far away.” “Well done, Mark,” she even praised her favorite burin goal: “You definitely have more experience.” You can hear things that ordinary people easily get away with. I can train you and accompany you there. And to Mohsen: “You sure have something to say and talk about. I look forward to our journey together.”


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