Here are the four most common types of cancer in men

It is recommended that both men and women undergo regular screening from the age of 45 and continue to do so until the age of 75, after which it depends on the person and their life expectancy. If you are over 85, screening is no longer necessary.

Lung Cancer

The main cause of lung cancer is smoking (85% of cases). However, not all patients are smokers, but may experience exposure to chemicals or other particles in the air (such as pollution in large cities). Additionally, genetics is also a risk factor in addition to asbestos exposure.

The ACS indicates that if you smoke or smoke and are between the ages of 55 and 74, you can get tested for lung cancer and try to quit. The same is recommended if you spend a lot of time in traffic or have been exposed to asbestos at some point. If you had respiratory symptoms before this, you should get tested.

skin cancer

Skin cancer is more common in people with fair skin because the skin also does not protect itself from the UV rays that cause damage when exposed. Another risk factor is impaired immune function, which prevents the body from responding appropriately to exposure to UV rays. Genetic factors play a role, too.

In general, it is recommended to avoid exposure to UV rays if your skin is light or slightly dark. Use sunscreen, protect yourself with clothes, hats, etc., and try not to get sunburned when going to the beach.

How to reduce your risk of cancer

The American Cancer Society made these brief recommendations:

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Avoid tobacco.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Be physically active.

Eat a good diet.

Avoid alcohol abuse.

Protect your skin.

Learn about your family’s health history.

Get medical exams and cancer screenings.

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