Sabrina Moganhaft
“I should have gotten Ruby before”

Sabrina Moganhaft with daughter Ruby

Sabrina Moganhaft with daughter Ruby


Since May 2020, Sabrina Moganhaft has been floating in motherhood. His daughter Ruby is one year old and the former long-distance runner has finally arrived in her personal life. But she regrets one thing: her late start in family planning.

Instagram channel Sabrina Mockenhaubs, 40 is a must-see for anyone who misses it: this woman is holding her pleasure in her hands. The former athlete has taken a new path after his long career. She married her partner, 52-year-old Kay Gregory, and became a mother for the first time on May 27, 2020. Little Ruby means the world to her. When you look at the many photos with his daughter, you can see that he regularly shares them with his fans. But now her own winner reveals in VOX format “Dream menu of stars – all under one roof”, looking back she could have done a lot differently.

Sabrina Moganhaft: “I Want to Be a Younger Mom”

“I should have gotten Ruby before, I ‘ve run a long time, I should have actually finished the previous thing or taken a gear out of gear,” he admits in an interview with his key colleagues: Laura Karazek, 39, Jimmy Blue Otsenknecht, 29, and Grigor Mail, 42. For two decades, Sabrina’s sporting career has truly kept Sabrina in suspense. Family planning was questionable with this workload. The “Dead’s Dance” candidate from 2019 is now a career marathon that regrets. “I want to be a younger mom,” she says today.

Is it too old to be together for so many years?

Sabrina and her husband Kay are not happy about her future with her sweet Ruby – yet the couple is touched by sadness every time they think about it. “You’m already 40, I think my husband is already 52. ​​It’s scary when you think about it … My husband says the same thing, even though he’s now 60, the little one is straight once every ten years. You still have a lot of experience from childhood. You want to enjoy. ”

But as with the game, the following applies: the moment counts. Sabrina and Kay have found their perfect happiness with Ruby. You can see this in every snapshot that the former athlete proudly and happily posts. Small is her biggest success – and will give her wonderful golden moments for a long time to come.

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