Bathing fun in the group: Channing Tatum splashes with Sandra Bullock

Group bathing fun
Channing Tatum splattered with Sandra Bullock

American actresses Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum are familiar with the movement. In the first canvas joint venture, the kidnapping ends in a wild jungle adventure. At the end of filming, the two stars scatter.

Channing Tatum goes swimming – with Sandra Bullock. The two have just finished filming for their joint movie “The Lost City of D”. To celebrate the day, Tatum picked up a fellow screaming and jumped with her into a puddle of water on the set. Laughing, the two hugged each other and Bullock received a kiss on the cheek. Tatum posted a wet and happy work video on Instagram.

Tatum seems pretty excited about Sandra Bullock in general. At the end of the joint shoot (the first of them together), he wrote on Instagram: “I can’t express how special Sandy Bullock is. We definitely come from the same lab and share a brain. I love you girls.”

In “The Lost City of D,” Sandra Bullock plays a romantic novelist who is on a promotional tour with the cover model for her book (Channing Tatum). They get involved in a kidnapping attempt and end up on a wild jungle adventure. The villain is played by “Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe, and Brad Pitt can also be seen in a miniature role. In the US, “The Lost City D” is scheduled to hit cinemas on April 15, 2022.

The motto among Hollywood stars, it seems: One hand washes the other. Because Sandra Bullock will also appear in a small role in Brad Pitt’s new movie “Bullet Train”. David Leitch’s movie is already in post-production and slated for release before “Lost City of D” which is, hard to believe, the first collaboration between Pitt and Bullock.

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