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HomescienceSarth: A doctor wants his patients to show their health card

Sarth: A doctor wants his patients to show their health card

To go to this GP, you will now have to submit a health clearance. In Le Mans, in Sarthe, a GP decided to force the procedure on his patients, according to reports West of France. It assumes: “I’m done with pedagogy. I’m tired. My doctor’s office is certainly a private institution, but he receives from the public. I no longer want to jeopardize the health of my patients. Nor am I.”

A measure far from reaching consensus, according to an Ouest-France report, starting with the department’s medical association. Together with the regional health agency, the order decries this type of initiative. “It is indisputable that a doctor asks for a health permit to receive a patient,” echoes its president, Frank Dominique Bruel, who deplores the “effects of advertisements for dissatisfied people” and would like to see his specialist doctor in the days. to clarify the situation.

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Towards a penalty?

Knowing the uniqueness of his decision, the GP, who remained anonymous, received complaints and messages of indignation on social networks. But this does not affect him, he tells our colleagues: “It does not prevent me from sleeping (…) Either my patient follows my recommendations, or he does not follow them. This is his right.” In this case, he considers that the “trust is broken” and above all that he has the right to “disengage”. In this case, the patient can retrieve his medical file.

Since August 9, a health permit is required in places open to the public, and in hospitals, but not in doctors’ offices. That is why the Regional Chamber of the Physicians Syndicate does not rule out the complaint. Can the doctor expose himself to penalties? Yes, from blame to ban. But it is clear that the main interested party has made up its mind and does not intend to change its mind in the coming weeks.

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