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Jeff Bezos drags NASA to court

Blue Origin, the space company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, doesn’t want to put up with the fact that NASA has awarded a lunar module order to SpaceX from Elon Musk.

A little over two weeks ago, Jeff Bezos and his space company, Blue Origin, were fired with a complaint to the US Government’s Office of Audit (GOA) (Government Accountability Office), which was concerned that NASA had placed an order for a lunar module with only one company – Elon Musk for all of SpaceX people. – He has forgiven. It’s about a lot of money, prestige, and repeat business. Accordingly, Blue Origin does not give up. Now the company has sued NASA in federal court. The result is likely to be a further delay in the planned lunar landing.

Blue Origin wants to cancel SpaceX award

In fact, as part of NASA’s so-called Artemis 2024 mission, American astronauts are supposed to land on the Moon – for the first time since the Apollo missions of the 1960s and 1970s. But the schedule was shaken by arguments. While the GOA recently ruled that NASA did not violate any regulations in its decision in favor of SpaceX, it appears that Blue Origin sees potential areas of attack to overturn the decision. Blue Origin explained vs CNBCSomeone wanted to address the shortcomings of awarding the NASA contract for the Lunar Module (Human Landing System).

These issues must be addressed in order to restore justice, create competition, and ensure a safe return to the Moon for the United States, according to Blue Origin. In April, NASA decided – surprisingly – in favor of the proposal from SpaceX, which wants to use one of its reusable Starship rockets to land on the moon. This adds up to a relatively low cost of US$2.9 billion. For comparison: Blue Origin calculated a cost of $5.9 billion for a blue moon landing system, such as The Verge writes.

NASA: SpaceX’s offer is much cheaper

In addition to Blue Origin, Dynetics also missed the lunar module rankings. Originally, observers assumed that NASA would rely on several companies. According to NASA, she should have spoken to SpaceX that they offered by far the cheapest and at the same time the most comprehensive offer.

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In the past few weeks, Blue Origin has not only taken legal action against awarding the contract. In infographics shared on social media, Bezos has attempted to highlight what it believes are the biggest flaws in SpaceX’s solution. The criticism: The spacecraft is much larger and requires much more resources to land on the moon. In addition, the SpaceX system is more complex and dangerous. Musk was Bezos It contradicts some points.

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