Seitenbacher ruft zwei Fitness-Riegel zurück. Die Produkte könnten mit dem Biozid Ethylenoxid belastet sein, heißt es.

Seitenbacher recalls two fitness bars. The products could be contaminated with the biocidal ethylene oxide. It is not the only case of this type currently.

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08/24/2021 | Status: 4:24 PM

Food company Seitenbacher calls two fitness bars. The company announced on Tuesday.

in products”Fitness bar without chocolate 50 gm” And “Fitness Bar Chocolate 50gmAccording to the manufacturer located in Buchen (Neckar-Odenwald region) via the portal, “A low level of exposure to the harmful active ingredient ethylene oxide cannot be ruled out.

Seitenbacher remembers fitness bars

  • All tapes with a better date before until July 2022 are affected.
  • It was sold in all federal states except Hamburg and Brandenburg, including Bavaria.
  • The batch numbers are A-NR 213753 and A_NR 213852.

According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, ethylene oxide is found in I The active ingredient is not authorized and classified as harmful.

Ethylene oxide is considered a carcinogen

Gas, a disinfectant, has recently been found in instant noodles, curries, and ice cream. The examined products from Vietnam were particularly notable, followed by Korea and China. On the other hand, samples from Thailand, Indonesia and the European Union were largely unclear, according to the ministry.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment estimates ethylene oxide consumption as harmful. “Ethylene oxide is mutagenic and carcinogenic. So there is no guideline value without health risks, and residues in food are generally undesirable,” the Federal Institute said. The interview-affected foods have been withdrawn and are still present today by the manufacturers.

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On the website of the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, consumers can find out which products have already been warned.

Customers who have purchased affected Seitenbacher bars can contact the company’s consumer service with product data and package photos: [email protected]


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