Another episode of the documentary series “Berlin by Day and by Night” was shown on Monday, December 20, 2021 on TV. You can find all information about the recurrence of “Better times await” on the Internet and on TV as well as the following TV dates of “Berlin – day and night” here on

Berlin – day and night on RTL Zwei
Image: RTL II, transmitted by FUNKE Manuals

On Monday (December 20, 2021) another episode entitled “Berlin – Day and Night” was shown on TV at 7:05 PM. Missed the documentary series on TV and still definitely wanted to watch episode 2598 of Season 11 (“Waiting for Better Times”)? Take a look at RTL2More media library. Here you will find countless TV shows that are streamed online as video on demand after they are broadcast. You can usually find the program online after it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will be no iteration on RTL2 on classic TV at the moment.

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‘Berlin day and night’ on TV: this is the theme of ‘Better times are waiting’

Pregnancy weakens Lynn’s mood more and more. She finally wants to end this situation. Scabies described a strict rest program for his sister. But she exhausted herself to induce labor this way in the end. While Lynn can no longer stand it, Scabies realizes that he has to stand by her. The boat family surprises an expectant mother with an early Christmas present. (Source: RTL2, quoted by FUNKE Program Guides)

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The most famous BTN dropout is Jan Leyk

It was truly ripped off by critics and journalists, loved and loved by millions of TV viewers: since it first aired in 2011, “Berlin – day and night” has divided the nation. The main reason for this is the documentary style of the series, which is performed mainly by amateur actors and is aimed at suggesting a high degree of realism to the viewer. BTN has repeatedly made headlines due to the alleged contracts and scandals surrounding the actors; There are only a few faces left from the original cast. The most famous dropout is Jan Lake – now one of Germany’s most successful DJs and Facebook stars.

“Berlin Day and Night”: a sneak peek of all the actors and information

consequence: 2598 / Season 11 (“Better Times Wait”)

in a: RTL2

with: Laura Henk, Falco Ochsenknecht, Fernando della Vega, Leroy Leon, Pia Tromber, Sina Minno, Timo Alexander Schmidt, Philip Nikolic, Priscilla Loredana Alviado and Marcus Patrick Barz

Type: docoswap

year of production: 2021

Long: 70 minutes

in high definition: Yes

The next broadcast dates of “Berlin – Day and Night” on TV

When and where you can watch the upcoming issues of “Berlin – Day and Night”, read here:

Episode title(s) series consequence Date time sender all the time
Wine in your lap 11 2599 21.12.2021 7:05 PM RTL two 70 minutes
Delivery time 11 2600 22.12.2021 7:05 PM RTL two 70 minutes
Christmas – Lying Day 11 2601 23.12.2021 7:05 PM RTL two 70 minutes
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(Information for season and episode numbers is provided by relevant broadcasters and may differ from designation in official episode guides)

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