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An arrest warrant has been filed for controversial pop singer Michael Wendler. A spokesman for the Duisburg Regional Court said on Monday. Accordingly, this was actually lifted on September 22, after the 49-year-old girl’s lawyer filed a complaint against the so-called arrest warrant.

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Wendler did not appear as a defendant in a trial before the district court in Dinslaken in July, which is why he must be brought to trial with the arrest warrant. According to the spokesperson, this was considered “disproportionate” by the regional court because the singer (“it doesn’t matter”, “she likes to DJ”) was represented by his on-site lawyer. To be clear, it was not necessary for Wendler to represent himself in court.

The trial is continuing, however, the spokesperson said. With the arrest warrant, the German authorities could have arrested Wendler. However, it was not clear if this would apply in the United States, where he currently lives.

Wendler told Bild newspaper that he would now like to return to Germany: “Yes – I’m going back to Germany! ‘Not with residency, it’s the United States,'” he declared in a report on Monday. He wants to continue making music: ‘I’m sure in 2022 it will be There is every reason to hope that we can be fully musical again.”

The prosecutor’s office had charged the pop singer with helping to thwart foreclosures. Because of this, a penalty order was issued, however, Wendler filed an objection.

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According to the charge in the penalty order, the author’s posts on more than 150 music titles are said to have been redeemed in order to protect the original rights holder’s assets from enforcement. With the same intention, the original rights holder is said to have passed on the word “Michael Wendler”.


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