According to a YouGov Profiles analysis, preventative bonus evaders are most often male (57 percent), consider themselves financially secure (67 percent) and believe they can handle their money (86 percent). The group is well versed in financial issues; More than half (55%) are constantly looking for opportunities for financial investment and are not afraid to speculate (45%). Many dodgers don’t see debt at a young age as taboo (45 percent). For this group, sustainability is important in banking and investment (70 percent) as well as in consumer goods such as clothing (28 percent). Overall, this group is very value-oriented and 65 percent choose brands that align with their own values, and these include Alnatura brands, hotel brand Marriott, and airline Lufthansa. 72 percent of slackers have no problem saving for major purchases such as luxury goods and future real estate. Thanks to this ability to save, 37 percent have already met a financial goal, such as paying off a loan, and just under a quarter (26 percent) say they are enjoying life to the full.

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