Home Economy Every second German he has never heard of the word “blockchain”

Every second German he has never heard of the word “blockchain”

Every second German he has never heard of the word “blockchain”

W.What exactly does blockchain, big data, or chatbot mean? Many Germans don’t know it, as a representative study by the Bitkom Digital Association showed.

Accordingly, many of the terms related to digitization are unclear or unknown to a large portion of the population. According to the study, one in two (52 percent) has never heard of the term blockchain; 23 percent know the word but cannot explain it. A total of 17 percent believed they could interpret the term.

Many have heard the following words before, but cannot explain them: cryptocurrency (45 percent), big data (41 percent) and virtual reality (40 percent). It looks best with data center terms (80 percent), apps (76 percent), 5G (67 percent), and cookies (63 percent).

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Cloud computing (52 percent) and artificial intelligence (49 percent) can only interpret one in two people, and chat bots (29 percent) can only interpret one in three.

Overall, according to the study, numerical vocabulary improved compared to 2020: The percentage of those who had never heard of the terms queried decreased to ten out of a total of 13 terms. In the previous year, for example, 60% of those surveyed did not know the term blockchain.

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