After Reconciliation - Sherine David reveals what she gave to Shindy

Sherine David and Shindy

About two years ago an argument broke out between Sherine David and Shendi. In fact, the two released a song together, in which Sherine grabbed the hook. However, there were differences during the collaboration, especially with regard to video.

Due to the disagreement of the parties, Sherine David didn’t want to be in the song anymore. Shindy ignored this and posted it anyway. Then they both distanced themselves from each other.

Late night Berlin

Less than a month later, the late-night show Berlin again saw little mockery between them. After Sherine David was a guest on the show and harassed Shindy, he was guest-starred a week later and provoked Sherine.

A few weeks ago, it turns out the two made up well after two years of arguing. But not only that – they gave each other gifts on their birthdays! In a new interview in “Late Night Berlin,” Sherine David told session moderator Klas Hoover Umlauf about what the two gave each other for free.

Sherine Shende’s gift was especially expensive: she gave him her La Prairie skin care kit. A package of 100 ml caviar cream costs about 800 euros! Here you can read the dialogue between Sherine and Class: „[Klaas:] Have you got Shindy now? [Shirin:] We actually made it up, yeah. [Klaas:] You even gave him something for his birthday, as you’ve heard. [Shirin:] It gave me something, too.

[Klaas] Can you tell what you got? [Shirin:] I got a huge Louis Vuitton box with a loudspeaker inside. So it’s a loudspeaker, a real jukebox. Origin from Louis Vuitton. (…) I sent him a full line of La Prairie skincare products. (…) He said he’s lately interested in skincare and with that teaspoon of caviar you can put in. He thinks that’s cool. “

Here you can watch the full interview:

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