Home entertainment Andreas Gaballier is amazed: “Something like this is still possible these days”

Andreas Gaballier is amazed: “Something like this is still possible these days”

Andreas Gaballier is amazed: “Something like this is still possible these days”

Andreas Gaballier can’t believe it: “Something like this is still possible today”

10/24/2021 at 8:57 AM

Andreas Gaballier on stage.

Andreas Gaballier on stage.

Photo: IMAGO / Sven Simon

It was a great evening for Andreas Gaballier. As the last artist, the famous Austrian star entered the stage of “hit boom” at Westfalenhaal in Dortmund on Saturday evening.

first sing Andreas Gaballier His new song “Liebeleben”, in which he campaigns against homophobia. Then suddenly Florian Silberaisen came to him with a surprise.

Andreas Gaballier: A big surprise in the “successful boom”

The show director was a very special honour. He was allowed to explain to Andreas Gaballier that his song “Hulapalu” had won the “Diamond Award”. Suppose one million records of “Hulapalu” were sold.


This is Andreas Gaballier:

  • Andreas Gabaler was born in Friesach, Austria in 1984
  • He’s a famous singer
  • His biggest hit is the song “Hulapalu”.
  • Andreas Gabalier has released a total of six albums. His latest album is titled “Forget Mine Not”.
  • In 2019, Andreas Gabaler and his longtime girlfriend Sylvia Schneider broke up
  • Andreas Gaballier has been in a relationship with the journalist for six years


Gabaler himself seemed really impressed. At the time, he never expected the song to be so successful. Even today, six years after “Hulapalu,” one of the most frequently asked questions is what “Hulapalu” actually means.

Andreas Gaballier: ‘Unbelievable indeed’

And even soon after the show, Gabaler was visibly impressed. He shared a photo with the award on Instagram and wrote, almost stunned: “1,000,000 Hulapalu records sold. Diamond award. It’s really unbelievable that something is still possible these days. Thank you so much!”

Anyway, his fans celebrate Folk Rock and Roller. “Congratulations! One follower wrote, for example. Another adds: ‘More than earned. Congratulations.”


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Andreas Gaballier recently surprised his fans. With this great news.

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