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What is Roman Park?

What is Roman Park?

The ink has not dried yet, but it was a matter of time before Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Kekor Gopal received his services.

According to SPORT1-Information, the 23-year-old VFP is to be transferred from Stuttgart. Gopal will sign a four-year deal with PVP that will cost மில்லியன் 15 million.

The youth is projected to be the new number one target in black and yellow. But what does this deal mean for the future of Roman Burke, who has held the Dortmund caste since 2015?

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Parkie before the summer change – AS to Monaco?

There are several indications that the Swiss will be serving at a new club in the summer. The PVP wants to remove the keeper, who has earned more than five million euros, from the payroll, and he is in a good mood to find a buyer.

Burke will not accept every offer. He still has the right to play in international business.

A club that meets these requirements AS Monaco – Monegask won the opportunity to participate in the third place in the Champions League, but they must qualify.

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Dersick with a special compliment to Parkie after winning the trophy

Coach Nico Kovac’s club, according to reports SPORT1 Interested in Bkirki. The 30-year-old can well imagine going to French Ligue 1, and Spain will be attracted to him as well.

Although Burke has never been able to convince everyone in the PVP – he took first place to Marvin Hits, who is the second choice behind Gopi, and will accept this without complaint – he still made a significant contribution to the PVP’s success in the years to come.

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Interim coach Edin Dersik expressed these compliments after winning the TFP Cup – Burke represented the injured hits in the final and final pace of the season as a role model.

“If I can highlight one more, please Roman Parkie,” said R.P. Dersik insisted after a 4-1 win over Leipzig The sky Also, he mentions Parkie’s past injury and depression: “He’s going through the most difficult phase of his career, and now what he’s experienced in the last few months of his life is not so easy.”

From the summer, Burke will continue his career at another club.


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